The wholesale industry in big. In fact, it makes up roughly 1/3 of the total GDP in US – 29% of GDP to be exact. This means wholesale distribution sales make up $6.01 TRILLION in goods being exchanged. Here we explore wholesale industry facts shaping the landscape.

With those impressive stats, it’s pretty important to stay relevant with the times. As retail get’s trampled by Amazon and other large players, the most logical next move for these giants is to come for wholesale.

Here are 5 of the most impressive wholesale industry facts. These stats come from the National Association of Wholesale Distributors

  • The effective income tax on wholesale distribution is ~30%
  • There is only a 2% after-tax profit margin
  • The industry average pay is holding steady at $29.31 across all employees
  • The industry employs 5.92 million people though the vast majority (4.732 million) are production and non-supervisory positions
  • The average growth rate is 7.5% y/y
  • BONUS: 83% of the companies comprising the wholesale industry trader are considered small business with <$10m in annual sales
Wholesale Industry Segment Growth

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