Mobile Distribution Software

A powerful mobile distribution software & wholesale distribution system built to handle ALL distribution activities for wholesalers or distributors without any extra software, no added fees, and through a superior workflow.
All-In-One Mobile Distribution Software

Overview & Use Cases


The Distribution Hub or “dHub” for short is an all-in-one mobile distribution system. It coordinates all activities including accepting new products, storing those products, selling them to customers directly or along routes, picking, packing and delivery.

Manage challenges easily. Whether working with machines & servicing, special product protocols, cube sizing with truck sizing, optimized picking, the Distribution Hub work to your benefit to make all these challenging aspects seamless.

dHub is both a central command system to oversee and monitor as well as an in-the-field mobile application to perform picking, packing, loading, delivery and sales roles.

This guide will walk you through the things you should know in order to make a decision as to whether this is the right solution for your distribution system.

Bear in mind the Distribution Hub has the latest software architecture, and is designed to adapt to any situation quickly, cost efficiently and universally so you always get the benefits of future additions.

This System Is Perfect If You’ve Found Yourself:

  • Consistently having errors in orders, inventory count, sales, or spoilage
  • Spending more than you should on paper invoices, receipts, and picking sheets
  • Entering data multiple times in order to place orders and maintain inventory
  • Competing at a faster rate to service customers accurately and on-time
  • Expanding beyond the original scope of your current distribution software
  • Constantly relying on updates to make new leaps in your business
  • Have trouble making records and information available digitally both in house and for customer accounts
  • Redundantly performing tasks because of a lack in mobile data entry

 Complete Mobile Distribution Software

Major Benefits Of Mobile Distribution Software

  • Eliminate managing multiple systems for the various aspects of your business
  • Combine sales, service, picker/checker, and drivers all within one ecosystem
  • Save 30-40 hours per week for small warehouses in redundancy reduction, routing automation, and mobile sales
  • This adds up to one employee per year averaging a savings of $48,000
  • Keep records accurate, orders timely, and warehouses orderly with barcoding and mobile accountability to move more product and reduce spoilage
  • Reduce spoilage by 45%
  • Enable salesmen with accurate inventory and alerts if customers have not ordered regularly. Save and reuse “standard items” to get to serve your customers better
  • Drive 15% higher average order value
  • This is your chance to make your business better, receive a solution that works, quickly.
  • Solve problems in your current workflow
  • Order errors and salesman performance can be a drag. Easily track and measure these while automatically suggesting product upsells and cross-sells within the app
  • Make it easy for salesman to get the right order, and make suggestions for more product along the way
  • Average 33% more sales
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Detailed Mobile Distribution Software Overview

  • Enables you to control every aspect of your business
  • Enter employees and control roles, trucks, warehouses, stores, picker/checker and beyond
  • Receive logs for key employee actions. Alerts help you keep on top of possible problems, and a full report generator for any type of report you need
  • Sell product directly from the admin panel for call-ins and pickups
  • Assign machines to customers and track the parts
  • Mark distribution locations as commissionable, split-commission or not
  • Handle tax rates for different cities
  • Manage customer profiles including payment (via check, cash, or credit/debit), invoicing, credit limits, overdrawn account flows and specific reports
  • Distributing to chains? You’ll be able to offer one invoice broken down by location, or individual invoices for location specific
  • Customize your dashboard with multiple key metrics organized by business unit
  • Identify and quickly respond to overstock items, undersold customers, deadstock and more
  • Understand high level business metrics in real-time, respond to decisions quickly


  • Parent and child relationships for chains
  • Commissionable or non-commissionable, assign commission to multiple reps
  • Actionable contact information directly within admin and mobile app
  • List invoices pay, edit, or delete
  • Customer account value updates automatically based on sales, payment and delivery
  • Record taxes, commissions, and regularly ordered products for salesman
  • Print invoices on the go or click to send to your customer an email invoice
  • Get alerted on customer account actions (or non-action)


  • Record multiple cost levels and save pricing information for specific customers
  • Tax and non-taxable classification through multi-category asset tracking
  • Assign inventory at various locations
  • Get alerted below set stock levels and automatically update pricing based on vendor pricing
  • Auto alert vendor of a new standard order


  • Handle an infinite number of warehouses, trucks, chain locations, or service vehicles
  • Handle cross-docking for orders and multi-step routing
  • Manage and reassign stock to dynamic or static inventory locations within each warehouse
  • Get high-level data about each warehouses stock levels, dead stock, and backstock
  • Set intricate reordering levels based on current demand, lead time, and shipping


  • Add sq. ft. capacity and weight capacity to each various truck size
  • Match truck size capacity limits with inventory loads intelligently
  • Easily manage route information, assigned employees, and truck information
  • Automatically matches truck sizes with appropriately sized and weighted orders, delivery windows and time-slots for particular customers
  • Take into account stop time, picking time, and load time for quotes and time estimates
  • Select appropriate box sizes based on the cube of the item
  • Label packages according to customer, stop, and location on the truck with optional barcode


  • Visually pick routes for drivers, add orders to stops, change stop order and view key information
  • Stop times, route time, sorting options are all easily accessible when editing
  • If active, the location of the driver will update on the map and you’ll know which stop they are at, how many products are left, and how much time until they are back
  • Customer orders from online, salesman, or drivers are automatically routed if not assigned
  • Route based on truck requirements, stoppage and traffic, all handled automatically


  • Generate dynamic reports for all possible combinations of sales data, cost information, route accounting, customer value, salesman sales comparison, yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or custom date ranges
  • One click export to Excel sheet for data manipulation or integration
  • Integrte reports with Quickbooks, SAP, or other accounting & data intelligence systems
  • Create customized reporting dashboards to see important metrics at a glance

Mobile Distribution App For IOS & Android

Now that you’ve seen the admin panel, take a brief look at some of the features of the Distribution Hub mobile distribution iOS & Android applications. For a more in depth overview, please call 401-300-4653 or fill out the detailed demo form to get a personalized demo according to your industry and role.

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  • The integration will make it as easy as entering [usually] two sets of API keys from your existing software system, from there, all necessary data can be exchanged
  • We suggest syncing up data once per day, unless your particular needs are more frequent
  • Once the integration is complete, products, pricing, locations, sales, etc is all saved and synced up from one platform to the next so all data is the same


  • We include up to 3 integrations depending on your subscription to the Distribution Hub
  • Integrations that are not included with your package range from $1,000 – $4,500


  • Typically, once you enter the API keys, the integration is complete
  • For some systems it’s more of a custom setup matching particular data sets or attributes

What’s Included With The Distribtion Hub?


Full functionality, all updates and upgrades for the lifetime of your system

Setup and integration with existing applications (Quickbooks, SAP)

White glove service for data transfer (up to 5000 customers)


Includes mobile app setup for all employee accounts

Ensures you are “ready-to-go” certified by our own in-house team

All updates included for the lifetime of the system


Depending on the version of Distribution Hub you subscribe to, you’ll either be using a physical scanning hardware or just simply the phones camera as the barcode scanner. Below is for barcode scanning hardware and mobile printers.

  • Setup mobile invoice & barcode label printer with bluetooth iOS & Android connectivity
  • Barcoding scanner sleds, integrated natively
  • 10 rolls invoice paper, 10 rolls barcode labels
  • Device integration and setup with all hardware cross-device


Manage the integration of multiple inventory sets

Handle the capability and assignments of trucks and employees per warehouse

Enable cross-docking or warehouse transportation


We use a per user amount to cover costs for software and mobile application support

Convenient monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment plans

This is to cover the software infrastructure (server) and regular updates which you will get


Includes 4-hours “How to” training day

Includes full documentation of admin and mobile applications accessible online

Includes full length demo & training videos on YouTube


All software, data, and inputs will be saved daily to a remote backup which can be restored instantly should something ever happen



  • You will need to consider the roles you want employees to have and assigning those roles for people to operate
  • When you choose to implement this system, know that everything is assigned via the admin panel, you will want someone who can manage this, understand how to adapt the system and make changes as you see fit, we will train this person initially and provide 24/hour service turnaround time
  • This will cut down significantly on your time managing operations, you should be comfortable with doing more but having less employees to do so


  • We do require the initial installment, this being said, you must be a financially secure position to start the rollout
  • Then a completion installment to set your “dHub” live
  • The only ongoing cost for this system will be a quarterly per employee amount, as well as your carrier contract for the mobile devices


  • This is a software platform and you will want someone who is relatively coherent with web interfaces
  • The resources dedicating to managing the software will depend on activity, but plan on having at least a few users who handle specific tasks wihtin the software

Next Steps


  • In our meeting, we’ll aim to understand the whole business to see if there will be special requirements or functionality of your system
  • If there are special requirements, we will aim to have these built into it without further cost to you
  • This will happen during rollout and after the initial payment


    • We do require the initial installment, this being said, you must be a financially secure position to start the rollout
    • Then a completion installment to set your “dHub” live
    • The only ongoing cost for this system will be a quarterly per employee amount, as well as your carrier contract for the mobile devices


    • We’ll get your agreement all set up, and you just need to approve a straightforward terms sheet

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      If you’ve got further questions, or would like to get started, please reach out! Call 401-300-4653 or fill out the detailed demo form to get a personalized demo according to your industry and role.