Distribution done right.

It’s a simple slogan that clearly depicts exactly what dHub stands for. Distribution Hub, or dHub for short, is the ideal all-in-one mobile solution for your distribution needs. More importantly, it’s your opportunity to modernize your wholesale and distribution system.

How can dHub benefit your business?

The core of every successful brand relies on being able to integrate and manage all work processes so that they perform efficiently and smoothly. This has a substantial effect on the overall profitability of any small- or medium-sized wholesale business. But that means all activities need to be coordinated so that supply matches consumer demand.

Yes, this is a comprehensive task, encompassing various aspects such as warehouse management, inventory control, and route planning. But with a top-of-the-line software like dHub, you can effortlessly receive, store, and sell products. Not only does this mobile solution cut costs, but it’s also quick to deploy.

Moreover, you can automate the management of your warehouse and last-mile delivery. That includes tasks such as organizing inbound activities, appropriate storage, picking and packing, efficient routing, and quick delivery.

As one business owner claimed, dHub helped cut office expenses by nearly 30% as well as the reduction in errors worth upwards of $150,000. But this is only one use case scenario. All businesses have unique warehousing and distribution needs.

There’s a lot of benefits that this intuitive platform and its mobile app can bring to your business. As an end-to-end system, it gives you full control over your supply. More importantly, you can customize it to suit your business needs, whether it’s vendor management to visual warehousing to auto-routing inventory and everything in between.

But is dHub the right solution for me?

To decide whether this is the right solution for your warehouse and distribution needs, let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that this mobile distribution software has to offer.

dhub customized wms software

1. An all-in-one distribution solution

You can manage multiple aspects of your business. This helps bring all your resources, processes, and employees onto one platform. Moreover, it helps streamline and organize workloads.

2. Increases employee efficiency

Any type of automation software can help eliminate paperwork, save resources, and enhance customer service. But a mobile WMS can completely transform your warehouse, inventory, and delivery operations, mainly because data is available in real-time, allowing employees to make more informed decisions a lot quicker. It empowers salesmen with the tools to deliver the right information to the right customers.

You can receive and send alerts to different members of your team. So whether it’s a salesperson, picker, or driver, everyone is on the same page. And with features such as routing automation and mobile sales, your warehouse management system’s overall efficiency improves significantly.

On average, a small warehouse can save 30 to 40 hours per week due to improved accuracy and reduced redundancy. This can add up to nearly $48,000 in savings for one employee annually.

3. Easy integration

dHUb can connect with nearly 1000 software. So whether you’re using Quickbooks, SAP, Microsoft, or Xero, you can expect to be on your way within 5 minutes. The best part is that you won’t need additional hardware to run the mobile WMS. It runs on any iOS or Android device.

dhub integrations

4. Customizable WMS software to match your unique business needs

Businesses require technological solutions that can resolve their current workflow problems. But since no two companies are alike, we know how important it is to customize the software so that it aligns with your goals and objectives.

Your aim is to find a software that enhances your business, is easy to implement, and even easier to use by your entire staff. A solution that works quickly can help save time and money, both of which are crucial for your business. Moreover, you need software that promotes your company’s

growth and grows along with it as your sales increase. That’s why we offer 20+ add-ons that can be added to your existing modules to help “build” an environment perfectly suited for your business, depending on your requirements. And our list is still growing!

5. Reduces inventory costs

You want a system that keeps records up to date and accurate. dHub can keep your warehouse organized, prevents you from sending out expired products, reduces spoilage by 45%, and allows orders to be delivered on time.

More importantly, it is a system that supports the FIFO (First In First Out) method of inventory management. The structure utilizes barcodes to help keep track of expiration dates, reduce spoilage, organize product storage locations, facilitate quick retrieval, etc.

6. Supports bin (pod) management

Scanning barcode labels have helped increase accuracy significantly. In case you have to deal with products such as products that do not have individual barcodes, you need to be able to use a system that tells you exactly the quantity that is available at any given time. This is where bin management comes in handy.

Assigning a barcode to a bin allows employees to access quantities right away. They quickly scan the bin and make a sale instantly.

7. Increase average order value

Running a successful wholesale business entails knowing what your customers need in advance. With features such as access to data in real-time, you can strive to serve your customers better. Moreover, you can set alerts for customers who order regularly. So even if they forget to place an order, you can reach out to them and remind them about it. This boosts customer loyalty and can help your business grow. On average, companies have been able to drive average order value by 15%.

8. Reduce wholesale errors and disputes

Any business that deals with warehouse capabilities understand how overwhelming the sheer volume of products can be. Plus, tracking each item and knowing its location, delivery time, and offering proof of delivery immediately are added responsibilities. Errors in any of these aspects can negatively impact employee performance, sales, and your business’s bottom line.

Having a system that uncovers and eliminates redundancies in the workflow is essential. dHub can help track and measure processes automatically and help employees respond in real-time to errors. It can facilitate the tracking of work orders, location of equipment, suggest product upsells and cross-sells, calculate promotional item value, internal costs and profit margins on inventory, and much more.

9. Increase sales

A mobile WMS allows employees to work on the go. With access to real-time information, you can keep up with inventory levels and reorder when levels are low. Moreover, you can match customer demand more efficiently. On average, you can increase sales by 33%.

As you track and optimize the orders and supply chains, you are able to interact with customers better. For instance, you can offer more accurate information about the number of days when an order will be received. But the actual benefit lies in being able to monitor consumer demand and seasonal fluctuations, allowing you to purchase more accurately and predict which stock to invest in so that your business is more profitable.

10. Lower delivery costs

Timeliness of your deliveries to customers is vital to your business. The last leg of any shipment is often the trickiest part of the trade. You need to create the most economical routes to cut down on road time. A failed delivery or incorrect route increases delivery costs exponentially.

But were you aware that last-mile routing makes up close to 30% of the entire transportation cost? So this is the aspect of your business that you can focus on to control expenses and boost revenue.

dHub can enhance your ability to quickly and efficiently route products to your customers. It reduces redundant activities, automates tasks, improves routing and delivery accuracy, lowers last-mile costs, and leverages crowd-sourced delivery options, among other benefits.

11. Full mobile solution

Mobile tech solutions and cloud capabilities are the future. dHub has it all. With multiple valuable features available on one platform, it offers a practical, feasible solution for various aspects of your business, from sales to functionality.

The mobile app allows owners to view inventory in real-time from any location at any time. Being able to pick, pack, and ship orders via the app while orders are placed allows them to achieve distribution targets and remain competitive effortlessly. Moreover, the mobile app can assist employees in performing tasks thoroughly and efficiently. They can handle customer orders as well as provide proof of delivery or payments and print invoices on the go.

It’s time for you to consider dHub

dHub comes with the latest software architecture, permitting it to adapt to any situation quickly and cost-efficiently. As a central command system that oversees and monitors your warehouse management and distribution systems, it works alongside you all the way. Moreover, with an in-the-field mobile app, you can manage any challenge that comes your way and incorporates appropriate solutions seamlessly, from ordering, account management, picking, packing,  barcoding, loading, fleet routing, navigation, delivery, and everything else.

Use this opportunity to expand beyond the original scope and capabilities of your current warehouse management and distribution system. It’s the perfect moment to embrace technological trends that will help your business thrive in the coming days.