Increase Sales and Lower Delivery Costs With These Features



Uncover and eliminate redundancy in workflow with mobile based product check-in, on-site ordering and account management, fleet routing and navigation, picking tickets & invoice printing, and barcode scanning. All wrapped up and managed through a single convenient console.

  •  Mobile apps for employees to perform tasks through
  •  Product checker, salesman, picker, and driver account types
  •  Print/scan barcode labels for accuracy while cutting down on redundancy
  •  Handle customer orders, proof of delivery, payment and print invoices on the go
  •  Managed through a single cloud platform, for anywhere access


Precisely track each item, it’s location, delivery time, and proof of delivery. Provide customers instant emailed or printed invoices. Calculate promotional item value and deduct for spoilage. View detailed employee logs and customer actions, respond in real-time to errors, if any.


  •  Convenient and accurate inventory available for customers to purchase
  •  Manage customer account details from the admin panel
  •  Eliminate paperwork, see high level views of your whole operation
  •  Track all movement of inventory, tax, routes and customer stops with logs
  •  View and manage all customer invoices centrally

Ready to Take Your Wholesale Business Mobile?


dHub coordinates activities between your vendors, employees, inventory, and customers. This happens directly through any Android or Apple device. In this way, employees simply need to facilitate the actions listed in the app. Each step from taking inventory to making a sale and delivery is flawlessly executed.


  •  A mobile app that works with or without mobile data
  •  “Next Step” simplicity allows employees to maximize efficiency
  •  Scan barcdes faster without hardware costs using the phones camera
  •  Works with most mobile BlueTooth LE printers
  •  Coordinates activities between customers, inventory, invoices, routes, and stops


Keeping tabs on your business is mission critical. Know and understand exactly what customer buys which products, when they haven’t bought and beyond. Keep tabs on employee activity. Get alerted when a conflict arises. Each piece of information drives business forward, cutting costly errors and improving sales possibilities.


  •  Log inventory across warehouses and customer locations
  •  Get dynamic customer reports in seconds, broken down byt their locations
  •  Track internal costs and profit margins on inventory
  •  Keep up with low inventory levels and customer sales requests
  •  Lower carrying costs, spoilage and other loss while maximizing turnover

    Payments Processing

    Securely process all payments from customers directly within the application or from the admin panel. We utilize Stripe for payments.

    Intelligent Route Planner

    Based on your salesmans orders, the system will automatically create the most economical routes to cut down on road time.

    Multi-Warehouse Capable

    Got multiple distribution centers? Many truck routes? Not a problem. We've made it easy to manage inventory across multiple warehouses, trucks, or businesses.

    Optional Customer Portal

    Make it easy for customers to order directly. Their order is placed within the next scheduled distribution and is tracked easily within their account.

    Custom Pricing & Margin

    We understand in a complex business you need the tools to deliver the right prices for the right customers. Empower salesman to get the deal with pricing that suits you.

    Promotions, Spoils, & Returns

    Keep track of products that are either given out as a promo, spoiled, or returned from a customer. This is handled right on the mobile app or through the admin panel.

    Truck & Package Size Constraints

    Match truck weight/cu. ft. size constraints with customer orders sizing to intelligently route the orders to the right sized truck across your fleet, ease picker load times and increase order output.

    Custom Dashboard & Fields

    Quickly adapt the Distribution Hub for your business by tracking key data directly within the dashboard. Extra customer fields, product fields, employees and more enable custom logic sequences.

    Active Alerts & Logs

    Receive and send alerts to various members of your team. Assign an alert to two members for low inventory, another for orders, and yet another for a higher price from a vendor.

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