Want to Deliver Straight to Consumers?

Due to unpredictable events with Coronavirus, many wholesale companies offer direct-to-consumer. This makes it easy to sell via web, mobile or off the truck to customers within your local delivery radius. We help you do this quickly.

Adapt Quickly with Direct-To-Consumer

Delight customers and adapt your business. Explore new channels. Handle customer orders through a website, then process them, load the trucks, route and deliver product all-in-one mobile application.

Easy Customer Shopping

Work with an existing website, or use the Distribution Hub portal to offer your inventory online, for customers to purchase within your targeted locales.

Simplified Order Picking

We handle all the hard work of fulfilling orders so your customers will get their products in the fastest time possible. Done through any mobile device.

Routing & Delivery Magic

Magically create routes based on locations, trucks, people, traffic and more. Know exactly where to go, what product to deliver, with delivery updates for customers.

Low Cost Direct-To-Consumer

We handle all the tough stuff, and we made things easy. With this we can offer an incredible value so you don’t have to stress over getting the right platform for your business. Talk with us today so we can get an idea of what you are looking to do, we’ll provide a quote based on your needs.

Get Started Fast

It doesn’t need to take months for you to be able to sell product to anyone you can deliver to. Whether you choose to sell online, or you want to sell off the truck, we’ve got something for you. Simply fill out the CSV files with your data, and like magic we’ll have you up and going quick.

Get Your Business Going With Direct-To-Consumer

Leverage the power of direct-to-consumer with a streamlined, low-cost, mobile platform designed to make your life easier, and your customers delighted.

"We needed to handle the routing & delivery for a new segment of our business. [dHUB] came in and made it so simple our customers were delighted"

– Ali Sayed

See What’s Possible