Below is some great content from Salesforce on how to get the most out of your B2B eCommerce marketing strategies. As you know, B2B marketing is different from B2C, but these foundational elements still can bring you a long way.

This article is focused on the top part of the funnel, bringing new customers to your site to purchase from you. For B2B sellers that may likely mean making a few switches in your audience, ad placement, content, and retargeting.

For Distribution Hub clients, you’ll use resources with your connected eCommerce site, or the provided dHUB client portal for B2B pricing in place.

The good thing about B2B in comparison to B2C eCommerce is that your buyers are more centralized. Selling a widget to the masses requires very broad targeting and messaging. With a narrow audience and individual product retargeting, you can get in front of your buyers.

Whether your B2B eCommerce marketing strategies are working or not already, this is a worthwhile post to give a read.

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Just like brick and mortar, ecommerce requires a multifaceted, well-thought-out marketing strategy in order to succeed. Fifteen years ago, you wouldn’t expect to simply rent a storefront, throw up some signage, and have customers hand over fist. It’s no different when it comes to online sales. Online retailers have to create specific goals, identify productive strategies, and blend a variety of marketing tactics in order to create a foundation for long-term success.

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Confused about where to begin? We’ve outlined the most common strategies and tactics to achieve your goal of increasing online sales. Please take note that this is a high-level overview — we recommend that you perform additional research before finalizing your approach, and ensure you and your team fully understand the terms in bold, as they are important to your ecommerce marketing strategy.

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Build an Effective Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

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