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Alerts, Logs, and Errors


Distribution Hub Admin Alerts
  • Found by clicking the bell icon, alerts for all things happening within your access level privileges
  • Low inventory levels
  • Backorders
  • Inaccurate purchase order quantity
  • Missed sales route stop
  • Missed delivery stop
  • Expected incoming transfer
  • Product price changes


Distribution Hub Logs for Employees
  • Logs enable administrators to see what’s happening all throughout the system. See when employees log in, who changed prices, who located product, who recorded inbound etc.
  • Click into a record to see the associated dates/times with that record type
  • You can also filter for types of records by typing here
Distribution Hub User Manual Log Filter


  • Errors come up throughout the admin as well as dHUB mobile applications. They will make you very sure of a decision which could have dramatic effects.
  • Errors will prevent Customers with open invoices from being deleted, improper address validation, wrong product scanned, inaccurate pick quantities, wrong POD locations and more
  • You will see more and more of these based on the components you are using. If you find a place you think deserves an alert, please send a message to specialist@getdhub.com

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