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Your dashboard is there to help you find high-level overview statistics, as well as productivity metrics on a per warehouse basis. Create a custom dashboard ’tile’ and get the data you need with over 50 combinations for metrics.

Distribution Hub Custom Dashboards

Alerts and your account settings are found in the top right. You can also change your preferred language via Google Translate.

On the dashboard, you’ll also be able to create custom metrics that you can find at the home of these tutorials.

  1. Alerts – low inventory, back-orders, missed orders, skipped stops, replenishment, inbound, employee price changes, restocking

    Distribution Hub Alerts

  2. Go to Account, Logout, Full-Screen

    Distribution Hub Account button

  3. Translate your Distribution Hub Account

    Distribution hub Localization

  4. Create a Custom Dashboard Element

    add a new dashboard widget

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