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Employee Setup

Assigning employee roles in Distribution Hub

Add Employees to the System

  1. First click on the account icon (top right) and go into account settings

  2. Click ‘Account’

    distribution hub account

  3. ‘Add User’ and enter a username, email, and name for the employee, then select the permission level

    add new user distribution hub

  4. Receive the welcome email with your temporary password.

    password reset distribution hub wms

    Under the Employees component, you will see the recently added employee, and can begin to assign their roles: Sales, Service, Picker/Checker, Driver you can assign more than one role

How to Assign Employees to Trucks, Warehouses or Customers

  • The employee can be assigned a truck number or warehouse, directly from the customer component. Simply click the  + button for a new employee or on a current employee to change which locations they will be assigned. Select the appropriate dropdown.
  • To assign a customer account to an employee you will go into the customers component. Select the and click on the Assign to Employee(s) dropdown

Assign Roles to Employees

  • The admin panel will let you choose whether an employee can login to the mobile app via Sales, Service, Driver, or Picker/Checker you must allow a role before the employee can utilize it within the app.

How to Deactivate an Employee

  • Click the and on the Active or Inactive dropdown, select Inactive

How to See an Employees Logs

  • Click on the Logs component
  • Select the filter option for that employee you’d like to see. 
  • Each employee will have all records of their activity under the log type


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