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Assigned Account Type, Vehicle & Warehouse

Who should be given what information for picking, packing, routing, delivery, transfers etc. ? This information is contained within the Employee table, as well as through other components where there may be a need to assign specific employees to specific tasks, customers, routes, and beyond.

Setting up employees with their role within the company, the equipment they’ll use, and the location they are at is done within the Employees component by editing an employee record

  1. Select the employee record you’d like to assign the roles to

    Refer to Adding a New User is the employee is not there

  2. Select one or multiple roles under ‘Type’

    SALES: This account type enables employees to place orders via a mobile device. It enables employees to have a pre-planned route displayed to navigate through, place orders, see the inventory available, take payments and submit service requests for machines.
    SERVICE: This account type enables employees to track machines across various locations (customers, stores, warehouses etc.). It enables system admins, service, salespeople, and drivers to place sales requests for a service employee to inspect the machines and place requirements for parts. The service account can then pick parts, and deliver or service the machines. Each machine is tracked, and all parts are listed which were allocated to the machine throughout it’s time.
    PICKER/CHECKER: This account enables all the activities within the warehouse. Each employee account is directed work from the WMS based on orders, pick style, location etc. Employees can check-in product to the warehouse based on PO, as well as allocating and transferring items to PODs around the warehouse. Edit inventory, PODs, and make cycle counts all directed by the WMS.
    DRIVER: This account type is for when the trucks are loaded and the driver has a generated or pre-made route for deliveries. The app will tell the driver the fastest route, which products the customer/location ordered, and enables them to gather proof of delivery and payment, if necessary.
    employee account type

  3. Select the ‘Assigned Truck’ (could be a forklift, van, etc.) assigned to this employee

    This tells the mobile app what employees should be given the data for orders/deliveries etc. Each employee can only be assigned to one vehicle type at a time. However, one vehicle can be assigned to multiple employees, on the employee record.

    assign vehicles to employees

  4. Select a ‘Warehouse’

    Each employee will have a warehouse assignment, which directs the works on this employee’s mobile account.

    employee warehouse assignment

  5. See Change Employee Tasks for assigning specific tasks to employees

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