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Setup & Troubleshoot

There are some important considerations to keep in mind when getting your Distribution Hub account set up for maximum efficiency. This is also to make sure your resources are being allocated properly. We’ve detailed this as the troubleshooting section since most often, the reason something goes out of whack, is because it’s not properly set up from the beginning. Below are some considerations in the form of a question:


  • Looking to add an employee? Go to your Account Settings –> New User and select the proper permission level
  • Have you assigned roles and responsibilities within the Employees component? Select and employee, and make sure they have the right account types
  • Want to change the employee’s warehouse or truck assignment? Go to the Employee record, select Edit, and change the warehouse or truck they are assigned to
  • Want to change which employee should pick for a truck? Go to the Locations –> and select the truck, then adjust the employees assigned to the truck


  • Want to change the preferred vendor for a product? Go to Inventory, select the product, and edit the ‘Preferred Vendor’ dropdown

Purchase Orders

  • Not seeing a generated purchase order? Be sure to check the item level settings to see what the low stock, ideal restock, and frequency of purchase time frame
  • Is there a difference in stock ordered compared to the received quantity? Be sure the employee who checked in the purchase order made an alert of the difference in the mobile app. If not, you can still update the purchase order manually, by clicking the edit icon


  • How to input customers with multiple locations? You’ll first create a ‘Customer’ account with the businesses headquarter address and information, then you will create a separate location (Locations component) with the type as ‘Store’
  • Can you not find a customer invoice? Simply go into the customer profile you’d like to find the invoice, and click on ‘List Invoices’. Here you can search by invoice number or location (if it’s a chain).
  • Do you need to manually adjust a customer’s account balance? Go into the customer and click ‘List Invoices’ – at the top you will see ‘Account’ here you can change the balance owed (must have admin privileges)
Manually update customer account value
  • How do I collect separate checks as payment for one invoice? Within each customer’s profile, you can view all invoices associated, and apply a check (or part of the check), cash, or card amount to one invoice directly.
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