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Task Control

Distribution Hub provides a few methods for directed vs. undirected work. Each employee can have different roles assigned. With each role, the specific tasks associated will be directed via the WMS. For manual picking, check-in procedures, loading and transfers you can utilize the manual actions to create undirected workflows.


  • Any employee with the picker/checker account type on will be able to check-in the product at the warehouse they are assigned to
  • The system will dynamically assign the PO, and when scanning in the product it will provide a similar POD to place the product within, or you can simply scan the inbound product to any POD which is unlocked
  • The product can be adapted on inbound to handle separate container sizes, for instance, pallet, case, and individual. Follow instructions on ‘Inventory’ to set this up.


  • To assign pickers, the employee must have the ‘Picker/Checker’ account type assigned to their account
  • Pickers must also be assigned to a warehouse at a minimum
  • Pickers can be assigned to specific channels, customers, trucks or warehouses
    • This is set based on the record for which you want to pick for (ie picking for a route, you will assign the picker to the truck, and all product ordered from the assigned truck’s route, will be picked by this picker)
  • Optionally, you can manually assign a route to be picked by selecting ‘Orders’ and clicking on ‘Pick’ which will create a picking route with your desired inputs


  • Employees must be assigned the ‘Sales’ account type
  • Employees must be assigned to a ‘Location’ type ‘Truck’
  • Each ‘Truck’ is assigned to a ‘Route’ which is how sales routes, territories, and zones are created


  • Employees must be assigned the ‘Driver’ account type
  • Employees must be assigned to a ‘Location’ type ‘Truck’
  • Trucks are assigned a route by default and based on the orders placed and picked, the delivery vehicle is picked in reverse chronological order (last order loaded first) and delivered how it was sold (with new orders filling in based on location)
    • Each ‘Truck’ as long as it is occupied with an employee, and has the capacity, can be assigned new stops to deliver automatically by going into ‘Orders’ then selecting orders and clicking ‘AUTO-ASSIGN’
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