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dHUB Glossary

Distribution Hub the main software application which controls all activities within the system from employees to vendors, trucks to warehouses, inventory, invoicing and payments. It will also provide activities logs and custom reports.

Distribution Hub App – the mobile application which handles all tasks relating to checking in products, selling product on the road, picking products for delivery, and delivering the product to the customer.

App Account – the mobile application has four types of accounts:

  • Checker – scans in new product, assigns information for future scans
  • Picker – scans product from warehouse to a truck based on the salesman’s orders. The products is assigned the stop # and route then prints a picking label for the package
  • Salesman – goes on routes to stops  and takes orders from each customer to be delivered by a driver. Salesman can accept payment at the stop.
  • Driver – follows the route and visits stops. Scans the customers order, delivers the order and receives a signature that the order was delivered correctly. Driver can accept payment at the stop.

API – This is a technical term standing for application programming interface which allows the distribution hub to communicate with the app

SideBar (SideBar) – On the left side of the distribution hub, you will notice the sidebar which contains all the various components: employees, vendors, customers etc.

Component – Components are one section of the distribution hub such as employees, locations or vendors.

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