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Get up and running quickly to take advantage of an end to end mobile warehouse management system servicing your business from inbound to outbound, warehousing, inventory, routing and beyond.

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Manage Inbound Product

Assign inbound product to a dock door, and be sure the right employees have access to the right information on the inbound load. Automatically check the inbound product against the PO and alert of differences. Let the dHUB mobile warehouse management system automate the allocation of product across the warehouse for optimal storage efficiency.

  • Automated PO accuracy detection & alert
  • Pre-determined storage location
  • Mobile product updates
  • Package sizing & weights tracking
  • One-click barcode quantity check-in
  • Efficiency across the employee pool

Product Allocation

Checking in product and getting it properly allocated is all calculated to store it in the most efficient location. No longer do employees have to wonder about storage locations. Use the mobile warehouse management system to automate the whole process of space allocation, and right-sizing for product types. Restock bins with common picks. Arrange product according to system preferences.

  • Store product in the most efficient place
  • Pallets, cases, or individual packs
  • Uses a visual inventory system
  • Connect visual sensors and hardware
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Storage sizing and product capacity automation


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Inventory Control

Add, edit, and view locations of all inventory available at a given warehouse. Make it easy for employees to find and accurately count inventory on hand. Update product relationships and reassign product locations. With the mobile warehouse management system, your inventory manages itself. Take advantage of logic-based systems to move inventory faster.

  • Multi-warehouse cross-docking
  • Relocate and manage locations
  • Make bulk edits with ease
  • Identify and deal with problems
  • Kits and bundles
  • Quick access to inventory on hand

Warehouse Layout

Arrange your warehouses according to how you do business. Make visual maps of your warehouses to seamlessly view and edit the warehouse locations. With the mobile warehouse management system you can quickly view, edit, and rearrange the location of your aisles, bays, racks or bins. Using belts, sorting equipment or packing stations? Ask us about using SCADA with your environment.  

  • Visual warehousing & movement
  • Space planning and efficiency made easy
  • View product allocation across your warehouse network
  • Loading and unloading locations
  • Add staging, weigh areas, packing or sorting
  • Allocate personnel based on warehouse location


Machines and Parts

If you use machinery across your manufacturing process, with customers at their location, or across your fleet, you’re in luck. The dHUB mobile warehouse management system can allocate machines to customers, and parts to machines. Now you’ll have full visibility into the cost of machines, allocation, and parts available to fix that machine. Make it easy to keep up with your machinery and parts.

  • Machine & part bundles
  • Order new machines or parts just like product
  • Allocate machines to customers and track location
  • Understand the costs over time to maintain
  • Track machine problems and issue parts
  • Get up to date machine availability



Manage all warehouse locations whether you have one or 1,000. Allocate product across the network. Cross-dock product from one warehouse to the next, Approve transfers from admin. Allow a single view of product across your warehouse network. Automatically route orders to the closest proximity warehouse. Handle inbound and outbound at each location.

  • Handle a whole network of warehouses
  • Edit warehouse inventory across your network
  • Cross-docking and ship from alternative location
  • Inventory movement policy framework
  • Manage employees across warehouses
  • Dedicate warehouses for specific product types


Reduce Paper Costs 30%

If you’re stuck using paper and outdated systems, this can be the solution. We’ll dramatically reduce the number of mistakes and errors caused with paper picking sheets, invoicing and sales orders.

Picking, Loading & Routing Efficiency

Experience the magic of running a mobile capable system across your fleet. Decisions are already provided, so you can focus on driving margin. It’s not uncommon to recover 2.5 persons per warehouse.

Grow Your Sales Channel 

Investing in your people will enable them to do the job better. Using dHUB mobile warehouse management system you’re employees can sell based on recommendations, promotions and incentives

Field Sales

Enable salespeople to quickly conduct business on a pre-planned or auto-generated route. Service customers with new products, account updates and accept payments. Generate invoices and print on the go. Place recurring orders and set pricing levels according to customer or margins. Provide incentives to field salespeople and automatically calculate promotions.

  • Salesperson routing system
  • On-demand customer order placement and payment collection
  • Recurring purchases and account specific pricing options
  • Organize and plan routes efficiently, maximize customer success
  • View inventory across warehouses, allocate purchases accordingly
  • Submit orders directly, edit and collect on accounts – in edits tracked internally


Wave Picking

Utilize the most efficient routes through each warehouse to pick a product. Enable wave picking, order-based, or route based picking methods. Use dHUB mobile warehouse management system to supercharge picking speed, and providing a way of incentivizing the pickers. Stage, weigh and get product out the door quicker.

  • Edit picking preferences within the admin panel
  • Quality assurance maintainted with barcoding
  • Incentivize your workforce properly
  • Auto-assignment of orders across personnel
  • Utlize scanning hardware or Scandit Mobile barcode scanning
  • Categorize orders and pick according to rules based system


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Capacity Planning

Sorting deliveries across your fleet given various truck sizes and order weights is done swiftly here. Taking into account the size of each order, and the conditions for delivery to a specific client, we can automatically allocate the order across your fleet. Make the best use of your fleet. With dHUB mobile warehouse management system, you get both the inventory, order management and the final-mile delivery across your fleet.

  • Accurately plan orders across your fleet
  • Calculate for cube size and weight restrictions
  • Organize customer deliveries for loading efficiency
  • Maximize the usage of your fleet and minimize excess trips
  • Loading order sorted directly within the app
  • Capacity planned across the warehouse


Shipping & On-Demand

Ship across multiple carriers. Print shipping labels automatically. Generate rates directly from the shipping carriers or coordinate freight costs across your fleet for. Accept orders across multiple warehouses. Use the mobile warehouse management system to handle all package and sizing to automatically generate shipping labels.

  • Shipping labels printed via mobile app
  • Package sizing sent directly to the shipping provider
  • 70+ Different shipping provider integrations
  • Cut down on order to shipped time frames
  • Enable orders to be picked up directly
  • Handle returns directly through the shipping account


Easypost Shipping Integration Distribution Hub

Have Your Goods Delivered On-Demand

Simply select an on-demand carrier for your order at the warehouse. When accepted your order will be picked up at the warehouse, and delivered to the customer. This is an amazing way to leverage the on-demand “gig” economy for your own business. Leverage the power of the crowd to:

  • Cut last-mile costs by up to 50%
  • Add delivery capacity flexibly
  • Improve delivery speed for last-mile

100s of Options

Delivery Routing & Proof Of Delivery

Get orders delivered across your fleet from multiple warehouses. Use the app logic to balance all movement seamlessly. Load orders and maximize the route efficiency automatically. Plan across zones, automatically based on orders, or manually. Take into account employees, trucks, delivery times, unloading, traffic, and more. Collect proof of delivery and allocate product directly from your fleet. Accept payments directly from point of delivery or generate an invoice for printing or email.

  • Orders routed according to logic preferences
  • Routes automatically allocated across your fleet
  • Updates sent in real-time to your customer
  • Visually plan and organize routes. See in progress routes and make adjustments
  • Scan product at the customer location and collect proof of delivery digitally
  • Print or email invoice seamlessly


Expiration Dates

Control the movement of product according to multiple classes. Move product and get alerted based on close to the expiration date. Using the mobile warehouse management system enables you to track and expedite product turnover. Adjust inventory method by expiration, FIFO, or LIFO methods. Deal with dead stock expirations quickly. 

  • Inventory turnover is improved and sensitive products expire less
  • Move inventory by logic within the application
  • Adjust lead times for product based on the expiration dates
  • Track by dates of production or customer order


AI and Automation

Utilize the power of machine learning and AI to automate the wholesale distribution process. Let the computers do the heavy lifting to handle complex calculations. You’ll be able to set the specific set of logic for it to follow and the rest is handled automatically. The beauty of the dHUB mobile WMS is that it maximizes efficiency through the power of computers. We utilize the Tensorflow ML libraries as well as Google Cloud ML but we can work with your preferred option. These help to compute things like lead timing, picking routes, capacity planning, and routing.

  • Uses technology from Google, MIT, and IBM
  • Set logic to determine your preferences
  • Optimized warehouse efficiency
  • Product recommendations and pricing optimization
  • Streamlines the entire supply chain getting smarter over time


Trusted AI Technologies

Barcode Scanning

Using the latest in barcoding technology from Scandit. You can utilize traditional Bluetooth and RF scanners or “sleds” in addition or use it right off with the phone’s camera. Using the phone’s camera cuts expenses. This method takes advantage of advances in computer vision to scan up to 20 barcodes at a time to interpret information. We leverage the power of Scandit to make your phone’s technology seamless. 

  • Utilize both BlueTooth scanners or the phone’s camera
  • Captures documents and barcodes on documents
  • Lower implementation costs of hardware
  • Scan across 20+ barcode types, save information across your network
  • Maintains accuracy of every package and movement
  • Scan to bins or bays, trucks and customers


Android & iOS Apps

Faster Time to Launch

Don’t worry about buying expensive hardware for scanning and routing. Utilize the phones technology to grow your business faster, and for less investment.

Private App

We provide the option to have your own mobile application listed. This provides flexibility with the functionality you require. Keep security tight with access management.

GPS Built In

The dHUB mobile warehouse management app leverages the GPS in the phone to route accurately. We leverage the native mapping applications.

Multi-Tier Accounts

Using dHUB mobile warehouse management system you can assign different roles throughout. Each employee is shown the right data for their role to maximize efficiency.

Machine Learning & AI

Leverage the power of machine learning & AI to help with things like lead timing or product suggestions. Make it easier to grow with automation from ML & AI.

Online & Offline

The dHUB mobile warehouse management system app works online or without cell service. When offline the data is saved locally and sent to the cloud when back online.

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