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Warehouse Management Software Case Studies - Desired Outcomes

Click below to discover the outcomes we intend to provide our clients with. You’ll see some of the metrics we have seen as an average within one year of implementing the dHUB system. On subsequent pages, you will see specific warehouse management software case studies and what worked.

Our system was designed to make your life easier, deliver positive results, and make it more profitable to operate your wholesale distribution business.

Project summary

Java Traders is the largest wholesale distributor of coffee throughout the Northeastern part of the United States. They accept and distribute coffee from four out of ten of the largest coffee manufacturers representing over $2.3 million a year for the coffee vertical alone.

Replaced Employees ~$85,000 Saved


Paper Reduction ~$47,000 Saved


Error Reduction ~$52,200 Saved


Return On Investment In Year One

The Problem

Java Traders needed a modern solution to handle their business end-to-end. Their problem stemmed from the over-reliance on paper, of which they were using nearly $75,000 per year. This exacerbated a number of problems, like the roughly $58,000 in errors caused by paper orders which were incorrectly identified when being placed. This also led to redundancies across three major functions of the business – accepting vendor product then entering it again in the computer, placing customer orders on paper then entering it in the computer, and delivering product while marking it on paper then entering the deliveries again in the computer. Beyond this, their computer system was only storing information on the local machine with no backup. They also had no means of automatically transferring information from their internal database to their Quickbooks Accounting software, so an additional person was brought in to handle just the transfer.


    Our goal is to make the solution simple to use (goof-proof as they put it), automated in areas where we could, non-reliant on paper but providing the option to print, and completely mobile to enable employees to eliminate redundant data entry and errors. This also connects directly with their accounting software, Quickbooks, to transfer figures instantly and accurately.


    dHUB was implemented and up within 3 months. Java Traders provided feedback on their initial data setup and provided some functionality requests to have them fully integrated within the 4th month of joining. Their initial training over a period of 1-week encouraged employees to ask questions, draw on others experience, and integrate it as part of their daily routine. With minimal recurring platform usage errors, Java Traders was able to smoothly switch away from paper, deliver more timely and accurate invoices to customers with the tap of a button to their email, and collected on payments faster with payment via the mobile app.

    Project summary

    One of the largest food store chains in the US, Jacksons out of Idaho boasts over 230+ stores with 3,000 associates. They are a premier convenience store chain with an impressive track record of convenient location, high quality facilities, and a quick supply chain. This was slowed by outdated systems and slow moving supply chain as a result of old processes, and limited distribution capability. dHub was brought in to enhance their warehouse and distribution operations, and inevitably led to a 22% increase in company revenues.


    Top Line Revenue Increases


    Increase In Supply Chain Efficiency


    Return on Investment In Year One

    Months to Launch on dHUB

    The Problem

    Jacksons is a long-standing staple for gas stations throughout the midwest United States. With their longstanding status came older processes, outdated software, and innefficient controls. Jacksons was looking for a system that wouldn’t break the bank but that also could handle the modern complexities of fast-moving and consumer goods. With their current methods in place, Jacksons was doing redundant work causing an extra two hours daily of data entry since they could not track items directly from the warehouse to central control systems. This also led to them to hire an extra person per warehouse simply to track warehousing inputs and outputs. The problem was compounded by the old school way of manually planning distribution routes and no clear way to track for accuracies between product loaded and product distributed.


      In this case we knew dHUB was the right solution since it tackles all the primary issues Jacksons was facing at the time. We were able to reduce their redundant data entry and allow real-time visibility into the movement of items around the warehouses. Since Jacksons had an accounting system in place, we were able to directly connect here to speed up the delivery and make it easy to see high-level reports instantly.


      We were able to come into the picture to deliver the dHUB solution in 3.5 months. We also provided a competitive price so they could see a >100% ROI within the first year, leading to a 22% increase in their top-line numbers! We calculated their supply chain efficiency by taking an average week of sales, and how many man-hours it took to supply those sales. We then reevaluated this with an average week after the implementation which reduced the time to complete by 15%. Combined the company is now operating at higher profit margins. This is extremely important within the CPG and fast-moving consumer goods space where margins are tight.

      More Successful Warehouse Management Software Case Studies

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      Amber Ridge Maple

      Wholesale maple products


      Convenience store chain

      Capital Candy Co.

      Wholesale c-store food & tobacco


      Our operation became far more efficient when we implemented [dHUB] because our existing methods just weren’t ready to handle the modern demands. Once we got up and running, we noticed how much easier it was to run things on autopilot. 

      Bernardo Machado

      Warehouse Manager, Iron Studios

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