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When looking into the best eCommerce platform for wholesale, there are options. It’s likely you are looking for the best wholesale B2B eCommerce system, that will integrate with a WMS. In this case, you would want to check a few things. First is the major eCommerce players. Second, you may have better luck with a WMS (warehouse management system) to handle the B2B ordering portal for you. I’ll break this down a bit by option.

eCommerce System with B2B functionality

  • Magento – the largest open-source eCommerce system. You really need to have either a strong technical team or a good chunk of money to spend on an agency or freelancer to help you create the site as you need. They have B2B functionality mostly out of the gate unless you have heavy customization requirements.
  • Shopify – B2B is not the strongest, but they are arguably the largest hosted eCommerce platform in the world. You may be paying upwards of $1,000 per month with Shopify to get the type of B2B functionality you need
  • Big Commerce – this may be a very worthwhile choice. They do a lot with B2B and have quite a bit of flexibility within their hosted solution (or headless eCommerce for integration with WordPress for instance). Pricing and development will depend on complexity.
  • WooCommerce – A great option for keeping expenses low. They do not natively have a B2B option, but it could easily be configured for this purpose. My team and I at Orkiv have done a number of these sites, reach out to a to get help with this option.
Best eCommerce Platform for Wholesale

B2B Portal as part of the WMS

Here you need to consider whether or not you are in a position to utilize a WMS. Do you have warehouses, do you have inventory that you need to manage. If so, you may be able to utilize an all-in-one solution for your B2B ordering. The best eCommerce platform for wholesale is also going to be the best to work with your existing systems. Here are some good options:

  • Distribution Hub – a full end-to-end mobile warehouse management system running on any iOS or Android device with a web app admin panel. It will offer you a B2B portal for customers with the added benefit of being able to manage multiple warehouses, different channels, and even managing picking-packing-shipping with the built-in capability to route and manage deliveries across a fleet.
  • Emerge App – they are a full-scale WMS without much on the purchasing and delivery side, but they have an add on for a wholesale portal
  • TradeGecko – Basic WMS with the capability to have a full-fledged B2B eCommerce store
  • Brightpearl
  • Others – not all will have this, and some that do may be super expensive (Highjump, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics)

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