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Keep in mind here there is a reason and use case for ERP software and a different use case for industry-specific software. Here I’ll attempt to provide industry-specific ERP solutions.

What do I mean by use case and reason for an ERP?

For a financial services firm, arguably the best ERP will be Oracle Netsuite. But then you will have your industry-specific software which might be the actual trading platform or portfolio management software which would directly integrate with your ERP system.

For a manufacturing firm, the best EPR for 2019 will incorporate multiple pieces of software as well. You would have your ERP (likely an SAP or Microsoft Dynamics as two of the industry leaders), then you’d have your warehouse management system (WMS) and/or distribution systems such as Distribution Hub for managing warehouses, inventory, picking, packing, shipping and delivery/proof of delivery and payments.

For a wholesaler, you’d be using a similar solution to the manufacturing company, but likely you will only need a WMS unless you are operating globally (or even large scale nationally). For this use case, you’ll want to consider a Netsuite, Infor Systems, Microsoft Dynamics, or Epicor for your ERP. Separately, many of these may already have tied in a warehouse management system but generally, you’ll find they are not specifically made for wholesale. So, in many cases, you will find it better off to utilize a WMS that ties in with your ERP, such as Distribution Hub (which is the only one with fleet routing and delivery management tied in directly), TradeGecko, or Fishbowl.

For a wholesale distributor, you’ll consider any of the options for wholesale but keeping in mind that you need to track your fleet. So you would want something such as Distribution Hub to manage the fleet routing and delivery. Beyond this, you will likely tie in a fleet monitoring system which will connect into the truck’s computer and report this information specifically for reporting, monitoring, and compliance.

For telecommunications companies, you should consider an industry-specific software such as Elinext or Epicor, however many of the major solutions will also serve as a customized ERP (though the cost will and should be a consideration).

For medicare companies and hospital operations, you’ll again want to consider an industry-specific solution since many out-of-the-box systems are going to be very expensive to customize with various modules to suit your needs. For this use case look into a system such as Evident, Harris, or Heathland.

There are quite a few additional industries and many other ERP systems which may be industry-specific which I’ve not touched on. This Quora answer may help further address the best ERP for 2019.

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