Modern & Moble

Wholesale Distribution Software

A new age wholesale distribution system to handle all activities related to taking product, storing product, mobile field sales, picking/packing and delivering. All-in-one wholesale distribution.
  •  Drive sales by 23%.
  •  Save 2100+ hours/year per facility.
  •  Cut spoilage and old inventory 30%.


Wholesale Distribution Software that Get’s It Done

Hardware included with purchase

Mobile Printers Enable Instant Printing of Barcodes and Invoices

Mobile Barcode Scanning Keeps Things Accurate Across Warehouses

The perfect combination of software and hardware comes together to make your business run smoother, sales optimized and inventory accuracy gained. This all-in-one wholesale distribution software is meant to run your business end-to-end with “goof-proof” features built in throughout. This again improves efficiency (to save you thousands of hours a year) and reduces errors which result in costly spoilage or unfulfilled orders.

“We implemented [dHub] because it made sense just from the amount of paperwork and errors we could cut down on. After one quarter of implementation we cut our office expenses nearly 30%, and saw a reduction in errors upwards of $150,000 worth in that same time.”
– Todd Rockwood, Java Traders of Vermont