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5 Key Wholesale Industry Facts

The wholesale industry in big. In fact, it makes up roughly 1/3 of the total GDP in US - 29% of GDP to be exact. This means wholesale distribution sales make up $6.01 TRILLION in goods being exchanged. Here we explore wholesale industry facts shaping the landscape....

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What to look for when buying a warehouse?

Time for a new warehouse? Here's what to look for when buying a warehouse. When selecting an additional location, your first location, or simply moving to a new facility there are some big items which will make all the difference in your search. Of course, depending...

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Legacy vs. Saas WMS – Who Wins?

You may be in a bit of a panic if you are running legacy software. Because, when it comes to the battle for legacy vs. saas WMS solutions, legacy software takes a hit against modern software as a service. In fact, the winner will appear very clear. The legacy vs. saas...

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Should I build or buy a WMS system?

The question to build or buy a WMS system comes up more and more throughout all industries. There are lots of companies questioning whether they should take the road toward building their own system out or buying something already made to handle the task. First of...

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dHUB Demo

1000+ Locations Trust dHUB To Get Goods From A to B While Managing Everything Along the Process

We implemented [dHub] because it made sense just from the amount of paperwork and errors we could cut down on. After one quarter of implementation we cut our office expenses nearly 30%, and saw a reduction in errors upwards of $150,000 worth in that same time.

Todd Rockwood

CEO, Java Traders