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What is the best ERP for 2019?

The best ERP for 2019 question was originally answered on Quora.com. Keep in mind here there is a reason and use case for ERP software and a different use case for industry-specific software. Here I’ll attempt to provide industry-specific ERP solutions. What do I mean...

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Do your B2B eCommerce Marketing Strategies Work?

Below is some great content from Salesforce on how to get the most out of your B2B eCommerce marketing strategies. As you know, B2B marketing is different from B2C, but these foundational elements still can bring you a long way. This article is focused on the top part...

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What are the benefits and features of a WMS?

To be effective as a wholesale distributor, you need a WMS. It's essential to understand the benefits and features of a WMS (warehouse management system) to understand why you need one. Most likely you already have a WMS in place, but does it provide what you need?...

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1000+ Locations Trust dHUB To Get Goods From A to B While Managing Everything Along the Process

We implemented [dHub] because it made sense just from the amount of paperwork and errors we could cut down on. After one quarter of implementation we cut our office expenses nearly 30%, and saw a reduction in errors upwards of $150,000 worth in that same time.

Todd Rockwood

CEO, Java Traders